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IPL Contest By KKR "Tension Bhagao Team Ko Jitao"


Play the Games for KKR. All the games you play will reduce Team KKR's tension levels. Keep an eye on the tension meter - it's an indicator of the team's tension levels. The more everyone plays, the lesser the tension. How can you contribute? Well, like our team, it's not just one match you have to ace. There are many tasks and your performance has to get better each time. You have to play all the games to get a chance to win. Ready to face the grit and dust? Here's how you tackle the tasks ahead.  The Tension Free KKR contest is open for play only between 5th of April and 19th of May 2011, only while the IPL season 4 is ongoing.
For Playing Contest:
1. You can register here, on the site or,

2. From the mobile site - visit from your mobile device, or

3. Using SMS - send to 92666 10000

As you score more and more points you climb in rank. You have 6 ranks to move up through. The ranks are

RankStress Buster Score
LearnerOn registration
Newbie200 Points
Pro500 Points
Expert1000 Points
Champ2000 Points
Guru4000 Points and above

Simple, isn’t it? Now start playing and climb the ranks and win Amazing Prizes @ each level.

And the most Important the  Prizes For You
The game rewards its players. At every rank you become eligible to win prizes. To become eligible for prizes you must be participating in at least the My Tension Busting idea game and one other game. To be eligible for the grand prize you must have participated in all the games.
PrizeFrequencyEligibility points
Premium Ovi AppsDailyRegister to Play
KKR T-ShirtWeekly150
Nokia AccessoriesWeekly300
KKR Match TicketsWeekly500
Fan Karega TossWeekly750
What do I need to do, to be eligible for the grand prize?
To be eligible for the grand prize, you need to have played all the games that are running.

How is the weekly and grand prize winners decided?
The Grand Prize Winner will be decided on the basis of the quality of the Tension Busting Idea from the top 200 highest liked ideas of the highest scorers.

The weekly winners would be decided by a lucky draw of the users who have crossed the milestone for that particular prize.

When do my points get added to my total score? 
Your points scored in the contest will be credited immediately on receiving your response to the message sent on your mobile. Additional points scored by responding with the most popular suggestions will be added to your score the following day

 How do I know if I have won a prize?
A list of winners for each of the prizes will be declared in the winners page section of the website. Also, you will be alerted if you are a winner when you login in to your Account on the program web or WAP site. You can also find out if you are a winner by typing “WIN” and sending an SMS to 92666 10000

My total score on a particular day? 
We will keep updating you with your score every time you play from your registered mobile number. At any point during the contest you can also send an SMS “Score” to 9266610000 to know your current points scored. You can log in to your account here and see your scoreboard.

What will happen to my points scored if I don’t win any prize? 
If you have crossed the point’s milestone and are yet to win a prize, don’t worry! Keep playing and cheering the Knights and you could be eligible for the grand prize.

Will I be charged an extra rate by my service provider for sending SMS to 92666 10000? 
No. Only standard SMS rates charged by the telecom operator will be applicable.

Terms and Conditions:

No Purchase Necessary. 

Employees, directors, and/or officers (including immediate family members or members of the household) of NOKIA, its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, distributors, advertising, fulfillment and promotion agencies, Bloggers and all other companies or entities associated with the Contest are not eligible to participate. Contest is only for individuals residing in India and void where prohibited or restricted by law. Participation constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement and acceptance of these Official Rules which shall be final in all respects.

How to Enter. 

  1. The contest starts from 4th April, 2011 to 30th May, 2011. A new user can register by visiting the Website  or the Mobile Site "" or via SMS (92666-10000) by providing user’s details/information. Website and Mobile Site are collectively referred as Site herein after. On registration, the user will receive a password through SMS.

    On registering into the Contest, the User will automatically receive daily sms messages/alerts on the mobile number registered in to the Contest till the end of the contest period. The User can SMS UNSUB to 92666-10000, in case User does not wish to receive messages.
  2. The User will have to participate in all the tension buster contest mentioned below

  3. Mega Tension Buster – (One time participation) User is advised to change the Password on first login after registration and then submit user’s mega tension buster idea on the Site. Mega tension idea submitted by User would only be published once approved by Nokia

  4. Mini Tension buster – (participation on day KKR team has match) User shall participate in the Mini Tension Busters prior to every KKR team’s match. The user can submit small tension buster ideas with specific focus on that particular match. User has to submit the idea on the site

  5. The Player Tension Buster - (participation on day KKR team has a match) 
  6. User shall participate in The Player Tension Buster contest where User will have to guess the stress buster idea for the player questioned on each KKR team’s match. The User can send the answers Via SMS or submit on the Site within 24 hours of the questions posted on the Site (closing window). The Site allows submission of the answers only once whereas the User can continue to submit answers via SMS where the last submission would be treated as final.

  7. The Nokia answer(s) will be revealed after 24hrs of the closing window and will continue to shown till fresh questions are posted.
  8. Tension Busting Secret (daily participation)
  9. User shall participate in the Tension Busting Secret contest where User will have to choose the appropriate answer from the multiple options for question posted every day, through Site. Nokia answer(s) will be revealed after 24hrs of the last question posted and will continue to shown till fresh question is posted.

  10. TensionTakeover (daily participation)
  11. User shall participate in the Tension takeover by sharing User’s idea of stress busting activity and uploading User’s pictures and/or videos performing such stress busting activity.

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